I am an entrepreneur, self-taught graphic designer, and endless DIY-er. I love making pretty things and making things pretty. I’m really into interior spaces, I’m kind of a coffee snob, and I swing toward the simpler side when it comes to aesthetic & style.


In the spring of 2015, I left my advertising job in the Fashion Industry. My boyfriend and I sold everything from our cozy first apartment together and moved from New York City to Austin, Texas with a couple of rolly suitcases.

I'd always imagined branching off to ‘do my own thing’ but the sense of security (i.e. job with benefits, lots of friends, cute apartment) held me back. While this fantasy was percolating in the winter of 14/15, I stumbled upon this quote by Ray Bradbury:

I realized that unless there was a little fire under my buns, I wasn’t going to cut the cord of security. I needed that ‘oh shit’ moment when the paychecks stopped coming.

When I arrived in Austin, I had only an inkling of how things would go from there. I liked business and being creative. I wanted to design pretty things for brands that inspired me. So I started there and I followed my gut.

People who had been in my shoes told me it would take two years. There were moments when I didn’t think I could do it for a million different (mostly dumb) reasons. But I kept going, making ‘baby step’ improvements, day over day, month over month. And those baby steps started to add up to something, until one day I realized I was doing it.

A couple years later, I'm doing what I had imagined. Each day, I get to create and curate beautiful assets for inspiring brands that reach hundreds of thousands of eyeballs daily, from instagrams to display ads, POS posters to wedding invitations, and more.

I’ve taught myself design programs and learned on the job from online tools like Skillshare & YouTube, as well as from the endless inspiration in the creative community around me. I am constantly working on improving my workflow, becoming a more efficient business person and more effective designer. 

Most surprising of all has been realizing that I’ve begun to inspire others, which is why I’m here now, to share my journey, talk about ideas, and have conversations.

Thanks for following along! <3


What's with the name? The obvious answer is that it is derived from the famous quote by J. R. R. Tolkien:


But there's more to it than that. 

The reality is that I’m constantly moving and shifting gears - in life, in work, in my day to day, project to project, client to client. I even move all the things around my house from time to time... artwork, throw cushions, plants, you name it.

Thoughts, projects, inspirations, aspirations, travels - to me, they are all these ‘wanderings’ that come and go, and eventually lead you to the next *thing*.

This blog is an outlet for my creative wanderings. Be it ideas, projects, travels, random thoughts, work processes, adventures, daydreams, tacos joints, coffee shops, and beyond - wherever the day, or the night, takes me.

But, just because I'm wandering doesn't mean I'm lost.

Aside from this being a place to share an idea or aesthetic that's whetting my whistle at any given moment, it is also a place for me to practice focus. To set a creative task and an allotted amount of time, and channel my creative energy into that task from start to finish.

And so you have it: All Who Wander.